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Beautiful materials & amazing details

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Contrasted textures and structural patterns

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A perfect fit with all your outfits

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Welcome to our micro site for premium promotional gifts. Aprinti group is your best partner for fulfilment of marketing ideas in print, packaging and promotion. Contact us to, we will be glad to help you.

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Colorful, feminine and fashionable

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The Element collection by Christian Lacroix

With its masculine look, combined with beautiful dark colors, this collection is perfect to add a touch of elegance to the autumn months.

Graphic, fashionable yet understated and modern

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  • 08 Nov. 2018

    Free delivery for orders above 500 €!

    For all orders in November above 500 € we offer free delivery!

  • 27 Okt. 2017

    Need more gifts? Lower pricing? Visit

    Plenty of other gifts on <a href=""></a>.

  • 27 Okt. 2017

    Other gifts :

    Other gifts can be also found on <a href=""></a>

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